Why Choose Independent Physicians

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~Written by Heather Gahres, Medical Group of Pennsylvania, Office Manager

It is clear with the changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that now more than ever employers and patients are taking a hard look at the care they are receiving and the costs of that care.

The push from the original ACA put the buying power into Hospital Systems. About 50% of the independent practices were purchased by hospital systems. As patients became part of large health systems, centralized scheduling replaced familiar receptionists and often decreased access to their primary physician. Scott Gottlieb of The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Once they work for hospitals, physicians change their behavior in two principal ways. Often, they see fewer patients and perform fewer timely procedures. Continuity of care also declines, since a physician's responsibilities end when his shift is over.”

Since the ACA enactment, employed physician turnover rates have continued to increase. Patients see value in an independent physician with strong connections to the community. Independent physicians are free to allocate time based on patient needs and develop the long lasting relationships that build the foundation of well care. They discuss the highest quality and most affordable options for their patients. They offer convenient and private locations for procedures and testing.

Central PA is fortunate to have over 400 independent physicians to care for the needs of the community. Medical Group of Pennsylvania has brought these physicians together from various specialties and family practices to create a complete network of healthcare providers. These practices offer individualized care and in-office testing (CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasound, Sleep Labs). In 2016, they organized free screenings, prevention walks, and other community centered activities for their patients. We are excited to see what the Independent Physicians will bring to you in 2017. 

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