Connecting the Cost-Value Chasm in Healthcare

by Super User

Cost. Quality. Value.

These are just a few of the buzz words we hear on national television in regards to our health care system every day. Affordable, high quality care is a concept that speaks to both clinicians and patients alike. Yet despite the hype, the concept of bringing value to consumers remains elusive to many independent providers. The harsh realities of multiple system complexities make it difficult for providers to help patients find true value for their hard-earned dollars. Combine that with skyrocketing premiums and annual deductibles, it can make defining the value proposition nearly impossible…. Nearly…

MGP is central Pennsylvania’s most complete Independent Physician Association and we are proactively defining the value proposition for our patient population.  A unique business model and key market strategies are what has attracted hundreds of physicians into our network! We offer value-based care education, population health support, and a collaborative integrated network of primary care, specialty and ancillary services. Our physicians are amongst the best in the country and we are committed to offering the highest quality of care at the lowest cost. Interested in joining the movement? Contact us today!

Holli Masci, RN, BSN
Director of Population Health Management


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